Over 75% Coronavirus-positive Cases Men; Elderly Account for 63% Deaths: Health Ministry

New Delhi: The Ministry of Health and Family Affairs revealed the age and gender distributions of COVID-19 patients and fatalities in the country during a press briefing on Monday.

More than 75% of the COVID-19-positive cases and 73% of the deaths caused by the disease were accounted for by men, the ministry’s Joint Secretary, Lav Agarwal said. Elderly patients, aged 60 years or above, accounted for 63% of deaths.

A total 76% percent of the patients were men, while 24% of those afflicted were women. Of the dead, 73% were men and only 27% women.

Crucially, 63% of all deaths were of people aged 60 or above, 30% were in the 40-60 years age group and only 7% of those who succumbed were below 40. However, 86% of all those who died had comorbidities, Agarwal said.

“This shows that elderly people are at a higher risk, but younger people with comorbidities are also at risk. We request that the elders remain protected and every youth be careful so as to not pass on the infection, particularly to elders,” Agarwal said. 

Earlier on Saturday, Agarwal had said that hypertension, cardiac issues, kidney issues and diabetes were the most common comorbidities among those who died due to Covid-19. 

Agarwal had also shared the age profile of the COVID-19 patients. As many as 47% of the patients were younger than 40 years, 34% patients were in the 40-60 years age group and 19% were 60 years and above. 

India has recorded 4,067 Covid-19 cases so far and of them, 292 have been discharged and 109 have died, according to government data.

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