Independence Day functions in School were a reminder for students on India’s Freedom struggle. Today for many it’s a holiday and for some watching PM speak from the rampart of Red Fort. Our freedom struggle is a period in Indian history and its culmination in the making of our constitutionContinue Reading

Economic Times Bureau | 10 Jul, 2013 NEW DELHI: The government is constituting an expert panel to examine if plastic and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles used for packaging pharma products are safe. The Drug Technical Advisory Board, the apex body on drug safety, has recommended in a recent meeting thatContinue Reading

The Alaknandaga has cleared it’s path: Vishnupyrag HEP (400 MW) collapsed In the recent flood in Alaknandaganga (near Badrinath Temple). When the waters rose, dam authorities failed to open all the gates of the dam. Due to this, a 2 K.M. long reservoir was formed upstream of the dam. PressureContinue Reading