The Uttarakhand state is also known as the devbhumi-the abode of gods and people in large numbers come here for chardham yatras. A small segment also comes here for mountaineering, trekking and river rafting besides general tourism in holiday seasons. One generally sees many temples of various gods and goddessContinue Reading

The participation of women in large number in the movement for the hill state of Uttarakhand, proved besides other things that they form the backbone of the village economy. Factors like the ever-increasing male migration and the tradition of women taking care of agriculture and related activities have increased theirContinue Reading

In the Land of Gods, Ghats and Ganges BY D.K. Upreti A nexus of politicians-bureaucrats-forest contractors-builder and mining mafia along with a merciless ‘development’ in the name of promotion of tourism has left Uttarakhand as a lump of loose land mass without any compact organic growth. The trailers of theContinue Reading