India cancels visas of Iranian nationals as coronavirus spread takes toll

NEW DELHI: Iran joined the international chorus chastising India for the communal riots. On Monday evening, Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif lashed out at the
Indian government for what he said was “organised” violence against Indian Muslims.

In an evening tweet, Zarif said, “Iran condemns the wave of organized violence against Indian Muslims. For centuries, Iran has been a friend of India. We urge Indian authorities to ensure the wellbeing of ALL Indians & not let senseless thuggery prevail. Path forward lies in peaceful dialogue and rule of law.”

India cancelled existing Visas/e-Visas issued to Iranian nationals on Monday as
coronavirus took a more virulent form in that country.

The bureau of immigration on Monday announced in a statement that “Existing Visas/e-Visas issued to Iranian nationals and other foreign nationals who have travelled to Iran on or after February 01, 2020 and who have not yet entered India, stand suspended with immediate effect. Such foreign nationals may not enter India from any air, land and seaport ICP.”

The Indian step came even as
Mohammed Mirmohammadi, member of Iran’s powerful expediency council which advises
Ayatollah Khamenei died after contracting the virus. Iran has the highest number of coronavirus deaths in the Middle East, registering over 1500 cases and 66 deaths within a week.

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