Hyderabad techie working in Bengaluru tests positive for coronavirus on return from Dubai

Hyderabad: A24-year-old techie tested positive for
coronavirus and has been quarantined at Gandhi hospital in Hyderabad. He hails from
Hyderabad but works in a software company in

Officials suspect that he contracted the virus while working with some colleagues from Hong Kong at Dubai. At least 80 people who came in close contact with him will undergo tests. Of them, 27 are passengers who travelled with him in the bus from Bengaluru to Hyderabad and 20 are medical staff at Apollo hospital, Secunderabad, where he underwent treatment for fever. The rest are members of his joint family.

Telangana health minister E Rajender said that the Karnataka government may request the airlines to screen the passengers who were in the flight that he had travelled in from Dubai on February 19 – 20

He went to Dubai on February 17 on official assignment. When he returned to Bengaluru on February 20, he had fever. He attended office for two days. On February 22, he reached his parents place in Hyderabad and complained of fever. He then visited Apollo Hospital and began getting treated.

On March 1, the doctors grew suspicious about the symptoms as he was not getting relief from fever and cough. They collected his samples and got them tested at Gandhi hospital. “We got the confirmation of his coronavirus today (March 2) in the afternoon and shared the information with the Government of India,” Rajender said.

The minister said all the 80 people have been contacted and have been advised to undergo tests.

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