Delhi clashes: Man who pointed gun at cop’s face detained

NEW DELHI: The man who fired multiple rounds during violent clashes between two groups in northeast Delhi was detained by the police on Monday evening.

The man was identified as Mohammed Shahrukh who was caught on camera confronting a lone policeman. He then opened multiple rounds of fire with a crowd of around a hundred people egging him on from a distance. He even pointed the gun at the cop’s face point-blank. Later in the evening, he was detained by the cops.

When confronted, the accused pointed the gun at the policeman point blank
Parts of northeast Delhi have been witnessing protests and sporadic clashes since Sunday and it’s a mystery how police failed to anticipate and contain the situation.

Streets of Karawal Nagar were littered with bricks and stones due to the clashes
Violence was reported from
Jafrabad, Chand Bagh, Maujpur, Bhajanpura, Kardampuri, Gokulpuri, Khajuri and Karawal Nagar as frenzied mobs went on the rampage torching vehicles, shops and a petrol pump and attacking anyone who came in their way or whom they suspected to be of the other religion.

Full-fledged stone-pelting started between the anti- and pro-CAA groups around 10.30am in several areas in and around Jafrabad. The violence soon escalated, taking a communal turn. The mobs kept on growing in strength, and in no time, the two sides were throwing stones at each other from either side of the Yamuna canal, which runs parallel to the Metro tracks.

The violence spiralled further around 1pm when rioters set fire to a petrol pump in Bhajanpura.

Two school buses were also torched on the Bhajanpura-Yamuna Vihar border. All major roads were littered with bricks, stones and glass shards. At Bhajanpura Chowk, a fire tender was damaged by the protesters after it responded to an emergency call from the area.

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Man who opened fire in front of cop during Delhi CAA clashes identified

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