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Dell asks employees in one Bengaluru office to work from home as staffer has COVID-19

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Prognosis and mitigation strategy for major landslide-prone areas A case study of Varunavat Parvat landslide in Uttarkashi township of Uttarakhand (India)

Prognosis and mitigation strategy for major landslide-prone areas A case study of Varunavat Parvat landslide in Uttarkashi township of Uttarakhand (India): By Dr.Anirudh Uniyal.

Look Beyond the Char Dhams

The Uttarakhand state is also known as the devbhumi-the abode of gods and people in large numbers come here for chardham yatras....

Understanding Colonial and Post-Colonial Uttarakhand  by Shekhar Pathak

Uttarakhand (given to the people as Uttaranchal on 1st August 2000 and is now the twenty seventh state of Indian republic), which lies in...

Historical Perspective of Uttarakhand, by Prabhat Upreti  

Uttarakhand represents India’s spirituality, as its history is that of pluralist cultures. People of many castes and creed have been living in the region....

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