Uttarakhand Disaster and Challenges of Rehabilitation by…………. Dinesh Godiyal

House on  River  Bank

The vast devastation caused to life and property in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand-India, has been dubbed as “Himalayan Tsunami”. The actual number of deaths and assessment of damage, destruction and devastation due to cloudburst and the flash floods will take time and effort. The torrential rain that lashed through Uttarakhand, the resultant floods and landslides swept away homes, cattle’s, mules, bridges and washed agricultural lands along with the main highways as well as the connecting village […]

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Uttarakhand is safe now


Uttarakhand is safe now. Tourists can visit many places and break the myth of “Unsafe Uttarakhand”. Yes, the disaster has damaged Uttarakhand. Its time to rebuild Uttarakhand. It is true that Uttarakhand lost links like roads and bridges, scarcity of food etc in remote villages, thousands became widows and orphan children, left houses broken and villages washed away. Relief work is going on for that. But in order to make the economy of Uttarakhand stand on its […]

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Uttarakhand Disaster: Results of increasing anthropogenic activities. by Dinesh Godiyal


Natural calamities on earth can not be predicted; however the trend of increasing frequency of occurrence has been realized since last few decades. Despite improvement in Science and Technology, increases in the loss of assets and human life have been seen due to such calamities. But the big question is, is it the nature which is really accountable for such losses or is it due to human activities.. The Uttarakhand disaster has to be seen as a […]

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Maithi Movement: An Introduction

Let every Marriage be a sweet occasion Plant a tree for beautiful memory परिणय बंधन की मधुर बेला पर एक पौध रोपकर केवल शादी को यादगार ही नही बनाया जा सकता अपितु धरती के प्राकृतिक संसाधनों के सरंक्षण एंव संबर्द्धन की दिशा में यह महान योगदान भी है। मैती का अर्थ: बेटी जिस गांव में जन्म लेती है वह उसका ‘‘मैत’’ या मायका होता है। गांव की समस्त भौतिक एंव प्राकृतिक संसाधनों की समृद्धि का भाव ही […]

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Whenever I accompany any friend or colleagues to my home town of Lansdowne, the first question asked is, from where did the town gets its name. It may be that most of those who came with me had not read much of Indian History particularly the British period in India. Many might have read or heard some of the known names like Hastings, Wellesley, Cornwallis, Dalhousie, Minto and Mountbatten, but may not have heard the name of […]

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Snake God temple in Garhwal Himalayas


The Himalayan region is called the abode of gods and one generally sees many temples of various gods and goddess all over the region. While the temples of lord Shiva can be seen in various shape and sizes all over the region, the temple of snake god- Nag Devta was new to me and to my information not routinely seen in the region.   A health awareness programme, led me to visit Untar village in the winter of […]

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Garhwal Rifles soldiers names in World War-2 Memorial in Singapore

The names are mainly of soldiers who served with the 2nd and 5th     Battalion of the Garhwal Rifles. ADIT SING BARTWAL, Naik, 7479. 5th Bn. 18th Royal Garhwal Rifles. Missing 15th February 1942. Son of Chandar Sing and Munga, of Raduwa, Garhwal, India; husband of Jupli, of Raduwa. Column 286. AFLI SING RAWAT, Rifleman, 8934. 5th Bn. 18th Royal Garhwal Rifles. Missing 15th February 1942. Son of Dhunpa Sing and Rudra, of Phaldwari, Garhwal, India. Column 289. ALAM SING […]

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Garhwali Soldiers of Azad Hind Fauj-Indian National Army, by Devendra K Budakoti


The story of the Azad Hind Fauj or the Indian National Army of Subhas Chandra Bose is now the part of Indian Freedom struggle. As part of defending their empire from the invading Japanese forces, the British had logically used their colonial army under their command. The troops from India were also sent in large numbers to what was then called Malaya- Singapore to defend their colonial territory. Right from the late thirties the British were making […]

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